What are your favorite albums to put on and just let play?

 PixieDustNo.5 @DustNo5 5 days ago

What are your favorite albums to put on and just let play?

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What are your favorite albums to put on and just let play?

 LittleBit @LilBit_1999 5 days ago

Anything Pink Floyd

 Laslow McWeaselTeets @Laslow73 5 days ago

This is why you’re my dream woman. Also, your love of Wolfmother. Shit, I said it out loud again.

 LittleBit @LilBit_1999 5 days ago

Awwww Jordy Pordy 🥰 so sweet

 Laslow McWeaselTeets @Laslow73 5 days ago

 LittleBit @LilBit_1999 5 days ago


 𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬 😤 @Mr_Jules_ 5 days ago

surely not The Final Cut?

 Nightdanger🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇸🇰🏒🏳️‍🌈chooseforward @Robboman 5 days ago

Yup thats one.

 Heidi Olson Jones @HeidiOlsonJone2 5 days ago

Otis Redding. Johnny Cash. Cat Stevens. Any and all of their albums.

 Donna Feltner @dfeltner11 5 days ago

Love those!

 Theresa Keefe @theresa_keefe 5 days ago

Great pics!!!

 Heidi Olson Jones @HeidiOlsonJone2 5 days ago


 Gareth George – Groan Man 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺🤣 @groanman2020 4 days ago

While painting the living room I’ve played Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac, Tango in the Night, and Rumours consecutively.

 Karen Cehulic Eichinger @CehulicKaren 5 days ago

Transmission- The Tea Party

 Eleanor Rigby @NatMcNazz 2 days ago

YES! 😍

 Top°Dead°Center° @WhirlwindBoogie 5 days ago

astral weeks ~van Morrison teatro ~ willie • emmylou burnin ~ wailers

 Mosh 🇨🇦 @moshgcan 4 days ago

Led Zeppelin – Untitled Marillion – Misplaced Childhood Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

 Shaken @bootleg_gambit 4 days ago

Cure – Disintegration Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane Fleetwood mac – Rumors

 𝚖𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚊 𝚖𝚎𝚎𝚝𝚜 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚕𝚍 ⋒ @mommameetsworld 4 days ago

Brett Young….allllll of Brett Young.

 Flavortown Stan @Gina_Rochelle 4 days ago

Neutral milk hotel, in an aeroplane over the sea Deftones, gore Paramore, hard times

 Shaken @bootleg_gambit 4 days ago

Ooo hard times, excellent choice!

 Flavortown Stan @Gina_Rochelle 4 days ago

I love all her work but this album just hits differently

 Shaken @bootleg_gambit 4 days ago

I agree 100%

 Still_Not_Cool @StillNotCool2 5 days ago
 The Anti-Barbie Doll @polyhumorous 5 days ago

Never heard of her before, but loving it.

 Still_Not_Cool @StillNotCool2 5 days ago

Cool! Bluegrass/folk singer. First heard her as a teen has only improved w she. Won a Grammy this year, which I think is her 4th.

 Adrian @Stopitaggers 4 days ago

Tapestry – Carole King Out of the Blue – ELO. Greatest Hits – The Eagles Led Zepplin IV Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

 TB @t10b10 4 days ago

Fantastic choices!

 Adrian @Stopitaggers 4 days ago

Thank you 😊

 DM DΛVΛПƬI @DmDavanti 5 days ago

First 3 Wire albums: Pink Flag Chairs Missing 154 – all classics

 Iben Rodriguez @iben 4 days ago

From 1977 and 78?

 Iben Rodriguez @iben 3 hours ago

I missed that Outdoor Miner wasn’t really a full album – just a single. Checking these out now – thanks for the tip.

 The Dad Briefs™ @SladeWentworth 4 days ago

Aja, Steely Dan Southeastern, Kind of Blue, Miles Davis Get Away from Me, Nellie McKay Under the Table and Dreaming, DMB

 Joe @yazdog8 5 days ago

Cheap Trick – Live at BhudokaN

 The World’s Okayest Dad @dad_nit 4 days ago

Album: Young Mountain Artist: This Will Destroy You

 David G. Stanfill @DavidGStanfill 4 days ago

Every single time

 The Other Other Rob @OtherOtherRob 5 days ago

…And Out Come the Wolves – Rancid All Hands on the Bad One – Sleater-Kinney Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy – The Refreshments Feel Your Feelings Fool! – The Regrettes Last Splash – The Breeders Streetcore – Joe Strummer The Real Thing – Faith No More

 Rob FM² @RobFMDetroit 5 days ago

Out come the wolves is such a good album.

 hzdriller_Neanderthal @hzdriller 4 days ago

Eagles Hotel California ( Acoustic )

 TB @t10b10 4 days ago

Sooooo good!

 hayBAE💋💨🖤 @HayzleBaY 5 days ago

Dirt Alice In Chains Deal or no deal wiz Khalifa Freek show twiztid

 Panda @Pandashiza 5 days ago

Currently playing A moon shaped pool.

 RandomAnt @rwarpool1 4 days ago

Yes! – have listened to this more than any other album during the last few years. Every song, a keeper – Ful Stop is mind blowing 😃

 Iben Rodriguez @iben 2 hours ago


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 Ali @TheMemeFatale 4 days ago

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon The Cars – Heartbeat City Bob Dylan – Infidels There’s also some greatest hits albums from The Police, The Doobie Bros, Steve Miller, and CCR, but I’m not counting them.

 John @Johnnyk822020 4 days ago

Pink floyd dark side of the moon Queen greatest hits Metallica death magnetic Soooo many to choose

 charles lang @dotsboy 5 days ago

Anything by him

 Iben Rodriguez @iben 3 hours ago

for those of us who don’t recognize this face… any clues you can offer?

 Jimmy Conway @Elwood70 4 days ago
 Jim Manico @manicode 4 days ago

Pink Floyd Animals

 Spencer @Spencaurus 4 days ago

The Cranberries (Everybody Else is Doing It/No Need to Argue); Natalie Merchant (Tiger Lily); Jewel (Pieces of You)

 Marc @GDoc2001 4 days ago

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd The Dream of the Blue Turtles – Sting Sinatra’s Greatest hits The Kids Are Alright – The Who Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols

 Amanda @weblore1 4 days ago

Early Genesis Elton John-Tumbleweed Con Led Zeppelin-Mothership Beastie Boys-License to Ill Anything Beatles King Crimson-Crimson King Bruce Cockburn-Night Vision Bowie-Ziggy Several Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel Yes-Fragile ugh, not enough room! So many others

 TB @t10b10 4 days ago

Anything by the (Dixie) Chicks, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett (except Songs You Know by Heart- old Buffett), James Taylor, John Denver; Rumors- Fleetwood Mac; Hotel California- The Eagles; Hamilton Soundtrack; Big Chill Soundtrack… to name a few

 🔥💰𝒊𝙧 Ⓟ🎱ⓖ 🔥 @SirPog 4 days ago

Animals by Pink Floyd

 J.A.R.V.I.S @TonyStarksarmor 4 days ago

I’m sure it’s been said but Pink Floyd The Wall

 dissaRay got gigs @mostlydogs 4 days ago

ya-ya’s #youknow

 Lil Miss Sunshine 🇨🇦🇨🇦 @MellaDomenica 4 days ago

Neil Diamond – anything Pink Floyd anything saw them in concert 3 times Pearl Jam ten Alanis Morisette Jagged little pill Tina Turner the best AC/DC Anything I looovvvee a mix of music.

 J😂hnny Benson @johnnysbenson 4 days ago

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac

 ✨ Dank Sinatra ✨ @DankSinatra06 4 days ago

Pink Floyd, the Dark Side of the Moon

 moody therapist @MoodyTherapist 4 days ago

Tom Petty Wildflowers

 Michael Browne @MichaelBrowne33 5 days ago

Radiohead – Ok Computer Modest Mouse – Moon & Antarctica Frightened Rabbit – the Midnight Organ Fight Killers – Sam’s Town Beatles – Abbey Road Rolling Stones ,- Exile on Main St. Titus Andronicus – the Monitor The National – Boxer Neutral Milk Hotel – in the Aeroplane

 Nathan @caffein8w 5 days ago
 Victoria Rudd 🇳🇿🏳️‍🌈👠📚📽🦋 @Babyshome42 5 days ago

Cont: Offspring-Smash. Weezer-the Blue Album. Metallica-the black album. Cake – Fashion Nugget Melissa Etheridge “”””1988. Yes band 90125

 The Pain-ter 🦂🎶🎨🛥️ @studios_beat 5 days ago

Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

 Chuck Boris Yeltsin @YeltsinChuck 5 days ago

Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins Real Emotional Trash – Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Hard Candy – Counting Crows Blue – Third Eye Blind Aja – Steely Dan Ben Folds Five – Ben Folds Five

 sonny @sonnyfausel 4 days ago

Achtung baby by U2 Young Americans by David Bowie Blunderbuss by Jack White By the way by red hot chili peppers Nevermind by nirvana And obviously The batman forever soundtrack

 JesseJane306🎃💜 @JesseJane306 4 days ago

I’ve gotten very into scores and trailer music so anything by Audiomachine and Two Steps from Hell

 Sir Goose @Diet_yoda 4 days ago

Tool – Lateralus

 Catbird Seat at the radical center 🎯 @Cotu 4 days ago

Gosh, I remember albums. Double albums that you could use the cover to roll joints. First one I bought was Paul McCartney’s Ram. Had to stuff it in my shirt to get it home the 3 miles on my stingray bike.

 Legion of Mood Scrollers #BLM @ShallowPear 4 days ago

The Olympians. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ta4G1xOUcrE

 Sander @youcerto 4 days ago

Pearl Jam – Yield

 Lisa @Lisa21520819 4 days ago


 Shauna.. na @ForgetTheMoose 4 days ago
 Nick18 @Nick643918 4 days ago

Desperado. On the Border. One of These Nights. Hotel California. Eagles Greatest Hits. There may be a pattern here.

 William Jones @wvj 4 days ago

Brooks N Dunn Chicago Gordon Lightfoot

 The Giant Ginger @SBennettPowell 4 days ago

Blazing ArrowBlackalicious · Album · 2002 · 17 songs.https://open.spotify.com/album/0DyXkWHnFMIJSuHfLgNfcc?si=Vu7mL3LBTxeJBlt1KEWWkg

 Colormeahappyme @ColorMeAHappyMe 4 days ago
 Mommy Needs A Life @mom_needsalife 4 days ago

Zeppelin – any one Fleetwood Mac – Rumors Norah Jones – Come Away With Me Blind Melon – Blind Melon Van Morrison- Moondance David Gray – Lost Songs

 Daniel De Hoyos / Morgan @danieldehoyost 4 days ago

Nirvana MTV Unplugged Muse Haarp

 Rupert X @RealRupertX 4 days ago
 Casey @caseywithaC 4 days ago

Aja, Wish You Were Here, Gretchen Goes To Nebraska, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road

 Kerri @KerriChristian 4 days ago

Incubus- Make Yourself

 Andrew Boydston @FunnyBoydston 4 days ago

311 discography Incubus discography Senses Fail discography Taking Back Sunday discography Shuffle it up and on any of those and I could sit for hours I’m sure.

 Eat Trash. Hail Satan. 🦝 @Hail_Trash 4 days ago

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon AC/DC – Rock Or Bust Bare Jr. – Boo-Tay CCR – Cosmo’s Factory Green Day – American Idiot Nada Surf – The Weight Is A Gift It’s 5am I can’t think of any more lol. So many.

 seqtor @0Seqtor 4 days ago

I just put on youtube premium or pandora plus and let it run on based on my likes and dislikes. 👍

 Anatomy of a Human Brain @AnyonomousHigh 4 days ago

Darkside of the Moon and Ten

 Jim G. 🚗🏍🍉🍕 @jimbosez 5 days ago


 Rather Miffed @RMiffed 5 days ago

Honestly? My answer to that embarrasses me

 Tuna Tinkles @TunaTinkles 5 days ago

Early Linda Ronstadt

 Haimanti Mukherjee @saysshona 5 days ago

Quite a few. But mostly Pulse

 steveetienne @steveetienne3 5 days ago

Oh so many. Beck – Colors James Brown – The Payback Funkadelic – Maggot Brain Prince – The Jazz Funk Sessions

 OCD – Over Caffeinated Dad @bryandhispup 5 days ago

Harvey Danger, Where have all the merrymakers gone? Sounds dumb, but it’s really a great album, IMHO. Also, not to be cliche, but, anything beatles and grateful dead.

 Kirstenɹǝuuǝɹ ~Be kind! @Krenner 5 days ago

Abbey Road

 iZzY @iZzStardust 5 days ago

– Dark Side of The Moon, Pink Floyd – The Man Who Sold The World, David Bowie – Nocturnal, The Midnight

 Shane 🇨🇦 @jeztf73w 5 days ago

I’m late to the show… but broken bells… soooo amazing!!

 Zack Barnes @The_Zack_Barnes 5 days ago

REM – Murmur

 Victoria Rudd 🇳🇿🏳️‍🌈👠📚📽🦋 @Babyshome42 5 days ago

Dave Dobbyn – Lament for the Numb, Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes. Marianne Faithful – Broken English. Gossip – Music for Men. Christine & the Queens “” Nirvana-Nevermind.

 Steve E. Nixed🧢 (@🏡) @steve_dot_ 5 days ago

Anything by Duran Duran or Def Leppard.

 Over and under it @NitwitUnstable 5 days ago

The first 6 Van Halen albums. Any old ac/dc or kiss. The first 2 Ozzy solo albums. Operation Mindcrime/Queensryche. I grew up listening to entire albums, so really any and all rock/metal. Today’s short attention span spazzers really get on my nerves. Lol

 Gimbie/Vladdamyre/Thomas/ @Z33R0K 5 days ago

Nine inch nails – the downward spiral Radiohead – Kid A and Amnesiac Nirvana – Unplugged in New York Death grips – Exmilitary

 JoelEBean @joelebean 5 days ago

Ricky Lee Jones’ “the Magazine”

 Love to evoL… @vinodhdhaasan 5 days ago

Thousand miles from tovelo

 misunderstood @misundrstood777 5 days ago

Rn I’m on the song Salt and steady

 Rodney “Karate” Zito @ZitoCousin 5 days ago

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